COVID-19 – Coronavirus Information

We monitored the COVID-19 pandemic situation closely in order to attempt to host an event that is safe and responsible for the conditions of the time. Unfortunately, there were just too many uncertainties in planning a conference of the size of BSidesAugusta. On May 22, the BSidesAugusta Board of Directors decided to cancel BSidesAugusta 2020. We’ll see you in 2021

Update 4/21/2020: As of today, we are still planning to run the event as scheduled.

Update 5/7/2020: The following events associated with BSidesAugusta have been cancelled:

  • Training Week (October 12-15)
  • Charity Dinner (October 15)
  • Speaker Dinner (October 16)
  • All other related non-conference events

Update 5/22/2020: BSidesAugusta 2020 has been cancelled. We will be back! Mark your calendars for BSidesAugusta 2021 – October 2, 2021.

Security Onion Conference 2020 will occur as scheduled on October 16, 2020. Follow @securityonion on Twitter for more information!

Thank you for your support of BSidesAugusta!